Mingle Sculpture Project


I cannot thank you and your company enough for bringing ‘Mingle’ into fruition! The piece is truly a work of art, and I have Magnum to thank for that! Although I’m a young artist here in the Valley, I’ve seen hundreds of art projects built and formed over the years, but nothing as detailed and as complex as ‘Mingle’. The trade experience and attention to detail that Magnum brought to the table throughout this project was invaluable and rare in this industry. Although there were unexpected and unforeseen set-backs along the way, I was comforted to know that my design was in good hands. Though there is a significant amount of worth placed on results and the outcome of a project, what is of true value are the relationships formed along the way. In light of that, it is my hope we can work together again in the future and create yet another remarkable piece of art! Until then I wish you and your team the best of luck!