Magnum Engineering, Inc. was established to design and manufacture metal components, sub-assemblies and finished products for our industrial customers while basing performance on the principle of repeat customer satisfaction. Through the years, this principle has enabled Magnum Engineering, Inc to build a reputation in the valley for unparalleled quality manufacturing, fair pricing, responsive service and sound professional business ethics.

Magnum Architectural, Inc. was developed to provide another level of service specializing in fabricating and installing custom architectural metalwork, including exotic materials, contemporary guardrail and stair rail systems of glass, steel and cable; traditional “ornamental” rail and stair systems; canopies, shade structures, sculptures/artwork, gates, entry doors, signage and metal furnishings.



Architectural Metal Design Services, LLC, AMDS, was spawned from the idea that good design created good projects and great design saves time and money while delivering a great project. AMDS founder, Greg Brockman, has spent over 25 years in the art, architecture, construction, ornamental and architectural metal fields and has assimilated a group of local artists, blacksmiths, fabricators, designer, engineers and finish experts to ensure that great projects can be built saving time and money while still achieving greatness.

At Magnum Companies, our success depends on productive business partnering with suppliers, designers, architects, engineers, industrial purchasing agents and the business entrepreneur looking for ways to bring ideas to reality. Working with others, we have been able to develop a long term relationship based on responsive and dependable service, quality products, timely delivery and cost effective pricing. We owe this accomplishment to our staff of passionate and loyal employees and to the excellent customer and vendor relations we consistently strive to maintain.